- Who is this Bandkanon person?

That's the chosen username of one otherwise known as Brigid M. Divver.

Brigid is a webcomic artist that mostly specializes in sci-fi, fantasy, and science-fantasy and otherwise makes passable art.

- Why the name "Bandkanon"? Is she Swedish?

No, it just sounded cool.

- Tools of the trade?

For desktop: Windows 10, Wacom Cintiq 13HD, Krita
For mobile: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0" with S Pen, Krita for Android, and Infinite Painter

- How do I contact?

You can either follow and message in the Twitter or Reddit handles linked in the footer, or you can email at bdkanon (at) vivaldi (dot) net.
There is also a Patreon and Ko-Fi linked below, in case you're interested in supporting Brigid's work.


SENHYAKKIN(1,100 birds)
Kenshi fancomic
status: ongoing